AntiPadded and UnTabbed

Am I the only human being on the planet who's not the least bit interested in the iPad or the Galaxy Tab?!!!

*awkward silence*

It's true... and I hang my head in shame for not being as cool as you.  But nowadays, I have very little requirement when it comes to gadgetry.  All I need is a handy-dandy mobile phone.  Specially now that my Sony Ericsson is rapidly showing signs of deterioration and begs to be taken out of its misery.

A mobile phone with a fast-connecting internet feature for when I need to check my mail or do some quick research on the road.
With a huge screen for better emailed artwork viewing.
With an easier keypad for quick-on-the-text client queries.
With memory that can store my gazillions of music pegs, sound effects, and recorded concepts that I suddenly think of while having coffee at Starbucks.
With a good plan that won't rob me every time I make long, winding negotiations via phone.
Oh... and with a nifty high-res camera... for Facebook purposes.  Whaaat...!

Now you're saying the iPad and the Tab have all those features, too --and more!  I know.  It's just that I find both of them too heavy for my sling bag, too big for my jeans back pocket, too much of an attention-getter when I do business outdoors, and too... well, trendy.  I'm not a big fan of blending in.

So yeah, I guess I'm the only human being with an iPad and Tab disinterest.  Does that make me naive, self-absorbed, cheap?
Nah, just practically old.


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