Of Sleep and Procrastination

Since jumping into the raket bandwagon, I've noticed I've been on fire!  Nothing fuels like freedom!  That --and the fear of drowning in a tub of financial turmoil if I don't get my solo act together. :(

Two things slow me down though.
And Procrastination.

Ok, so maybe sleep is a necessity.  But even as a child, I never really needed much of it.  4 to 5 hours tops would be heaven for me.  Over that and it's Migrainesville.  So you can say I'm pretty much made for ridiculous multi-material rush jobs.  But sometimes, out of fatigue and out of the blue, sleep does rear its evil head and tugs me into a deep slumber I didn't plan.  In fact, the plan was to stay up or get up at 4:30am to get some well-meaning writing done.  Next scene:  panic time.

There's also the foul nemesis called procrastination.  Maniacal bugger gets on my case whenever I log on to the internet for research.  No matter how many times I try to stomp it -by some unexplained, unearthly force-- I suddenly find myself logged-on to Facebook, Twitter, on this here Blogger!  With its multiple limbs of distraction, procrastination's pull is deathly powerful.  Before I know it, 2 hours of my work time have easily gone down the drain.  Brilliant.  Panic, welcome back!

This is why Time Management is one of the basic ammunition you should have when you dive into this gig.  You own your time here.  So Discipline is a good thing to have in your back pocket, too.

Note to self:  If you know you're bound to have an all-nighter, stock up on coffee!  Jog a little in the backyard just to get the adrenaline going.  And for God's sake, research fast and unplug the damn internet!  Grab your macbook and walk away... just... just walk away...


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