Online Goldmine

There was a time when getting business relied solely on your friendship clout, and your most comfortable pair of shoes.  News about your awesomeness gets to travel only by word of mouth, or by your very own physical promotion.  So if you're a pint less than the snazziest Creative person, as painfully shy as a 'makahiya', and suck at stalking/hobnobbing with the big wigs -- then you'll have a lot of downtime spent mostly on soul-searching.

Now, thank the stars for Social networking sites!  Who needs footwork when you've got Facebook?!

My personal faves are:

Independent Creative and Advertising Professionals is an online classified ads hub where people from all over the industry get to post their immediate hiring and freelancing needs.  You can get leads and opportunities with a simple click.  Advertising hotshots are known to post here so you know the business is good and that you're in good company.  Here, you can virtually set up a formidable concept to production team without breaking a sweat.

Pretty much the same as ICAP, but on a much casual yet fertile scale.   People post their manpower requirements here... and more.  Creative Manila also plays the role of a rich resource for inspiration with its daily links to international advertising works, funny industry anecdotes, hell, even movie trailers that can serve as muses to your next TVC requirement.  What's more, you can post your portfolio here for easy, handy self-sell.

Gone are the days of running around agency to agency toting your hefty folder of print ad clippings, your U-matic tape of produced TV ads, and your dog-eared resume that has seen too many Xerox machines.  With today's technology, you can make money and rest easy.

After all, there are other ways to exercise those thighs.


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