Becoming A.E.

A few days into flying solo, I have almost instantly developed a renewed respect for the Client Servicing people in my industry.  The AEs (Account Executives) --those people I just love to bully-- actually have a very, very, VERRRY tough job!

Talking to client isn't damn easy!

In extreme cases, talking to a client is pretty much like conversing with a baby whom you have to please or he'll go into an incontrollable tantrum.  Or a wild animal whom you can set off into a scary feeding frenzy.  Or a motion-sensor bomb that can explode and take half the city when you make a wrong move.

Ok, I exaggerate.  But the bottomline is, 'client servicing' is indeed 'servicing your client to keep him or her satisfied with his money's worth, no matter what'.  That's how you keep business.  Social skills is a must.  And since I never really bargained for that kind of job, I totally flunk at being Miss Congeniality.

But I do try.  In my mind, it's like having a mild-mannered altered ego.  A perky, happy secret identity.  Think Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.  That's not always easy to pull off unless you have a record at the looney bin... or unless you're a true blue professional AE.  AEs can smile through a sandstorm and maintain civility in the middle of a war.  Impressive shit, if you ask me.
Me?  I always tend to say something smartass-y the minute my client says something out of whack.  Freelancer client servicing, fail.

Discipline, positivity, good judgment, and a smile --must-haves in Client Servicing, must-haves in Raketville.
Maybe I should start wearing pink, too.


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