Coffee by Status

Amazing how coffee reflects your status in life.

Back in the day of smart, sharp clothes and high-heeled boots, I would always have in my hand that all too popular Starbucks foam cup.  I would have one whether I was indoors or outdoors, whether the cup was full and steaming or near empty and cold.  It didn't matter.  It was a status symbol.  You hold onto one of these babies and it tells the world that you are a high-flying executive who takes coffee seriously, and fashionably.  You have excellent taste.  And even if you can't possibly down that tall Mocha Grande, you will hold on to it --waving it about in the middle of a conference-- because that foam cup and green insignia meant business.
The kind of coffee within doesn't even matter.  But if someone must ask, you better answer with some high faluting, complex flavor --like Mocha Java Mint Espresso Caravanilla Surprise.

Now that I work mostly from home and in my jammies, coffee is still a mainstay.  But now, it comes in a different packaging, a different statement.  I'm partial to Kopiko Brown Coffee.  Delightful powder concoction that you have to prepare yourself.  You are your own barista --which instantly tells the world (or yourself) that you're manning your own ship now.   That is, if you like putting deeper meaning to inane things like that.
What it really says is that your work venue and coffee budget have changed.  And, that you're not as high-flying as before.  But that doesn't mean you're no longer entitled to good business and good money... and of course, good coffee.
For me --sans the frilly whipped cream, caramel strips, and choco bits-- Kopiko is rich enough to come close to the barest Starbucks.  And I mean that.

Sure, when I go out to meet with a client, it has to be in a coffee shop and that trendy cup of Starbucks is whipped out again.  But only because it's hard to take someone seriously when she holds a meeting at a sari-sari store over Kopiko.

See?  Status.

Am I stressing over this too much?  Ah, only people who run on coffee will understand.


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